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For years I had been living with the chaos that was my Master bedroom, not because I wasn't cognizant of the situation but, because I was too overwhelmed by it and too embarrassed to have someone else do it. Your non-judgmental nature quickly put me at ease, as we gently made the transition from clutter to order. Thank you for enabling me to reclaim my space, and for restoring my sanity!

Silver Spring, Md

Not only are you reliable and efficient, but your work is that of an excellent professional. Precise, in depth, imaginative, discreet... name it! If you are looking for reliability and efficiency, precision and depth, imagination and discretion, then this is whom you should be talking to.

McLean, Va

I can't thank you enough! Your attention to detail, your patience and your thoughtfulness all come through in the level of service that you provide.

Oakton, Va

Little did I know that my tiny apartment was capable of providing so much storage! You came in, assessed the space, talked with me in depth to find out what my exact needs were, and then provided me with creative and organized storage that was and still remains easily maintainable.

Harlem, NY

If you think you need an organizer - you most probably do! I hadn't realized just how "stuck" I was, until you came along and organized my life.

Rockville, Md

Every time the phone rang, I'd panic thinking, "Now what else have I forgotten?" My inability to pay bills in a timely fashion, coupled with the costly amounts I was incurring on late penalties was beginning to take a toll. From our initial contact, you proved to be professional and reliable at all times. Your ability to walk me through the process of setting up a filing system, and ensuring that I understood how it worked is much appreciated.

Edgewater, NJ

Wow, what an elegant collection! It has been a thrill going on this journey with you and discovering treasures I had long forgotten about. Not only have you been insightful and practical throughout the whole process, but you also have got me thinking outside the box! I definitely plan on using you again.

Silver Spring, Md

You have a natural talent for organizing and designing interior spaces that is amazing. Not to mention how personable you are, and lovely to work with. I was very impressed as you came up with tons of new ideas that had never even crossed my mind. My home is looking and feeling brand new - I'm so excited!!!

Upper West Side, NY