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D-I-Y Inspiration

Posted on May 6, 2014 at 6:43 PM Comments comments (4)
Come look at this space, come even closer - not bad, right?  Grab your stuff, let's go out there, chill and imagine enjoying a beautiful day on the meadow!  
Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you the Meadow Woolly pocket - what a brilliant idea!   This planter is modular, can be designed as you please, and in a size that's suitable for your space (read balcony, patio, rooftop).  Apt dwellers REJOICE ...

Now if the Meadow planter is not quite your thing,  a table planter may be just up your alley.  Check out these beauties

Or perhaps consider the Living wall which also look fantastic

Image credits via 

I'm so glad I came across this concept the other day when looking for design inspiration, and I just love the options.  Talk about a jolt of freshness & vitality (exactly what the doctor ordered)!  So if you're feeling as if you've been there and done that,  or like what you have, but still need a little something  -  consider bringing the outdoors, indoors. 

PS:  If you own a Woolly Pocket planter, please feel free to share your feedback or any other personal tips that you may have for aspiring owners.

Color Your World - Indoors {II}

Posted on April 9, 2012 at 6:46 PM Comments comments (4)
- They packed a punch!  With their intensity and lusciousness, they filled our senses with vibrancy, at times shocking us with their audacity.

- Enticed we were by their softness, creating in us a sense of weightlessness. 

- Oh how they mixed and matched - boldly & beautifully, toned down,  contrasting & complementary - in ways perhaps that the mind had yet  to comprehend. 

- Showered we were with flowers, and our very core spoken to by the ancestral and native prints.

Yes indeed, the Spring/Summer 2012 trends landed with a bang!  True, trends are not timeless, but does that mean that you can't or shouldn't partake of the spoils?  Most certainly not!   Incorporating what's in vogue can be done either by going all out and embracing change on a larger scale:  

 Or in smaller doses, in which case you may be happier with pops of color here and there:

Perhaps bold strokes are not your cup of tea,  and what you truly crave is a soothing palette?  Then it's really a matter of choice about which room(s) and how you'd like to create this mood.  

Painting the walls and using colored or  printed accessories achieves this effect.


Using colored tiles

Match to your own tune, and mix to your heart's desire .  Whether you do this by incorporating an accent color and furnishings that have mixed prints/patterns, or you choose to go for a muted tone, indulge your inner soul and come alive, or just be!  

Burst alive!  Floral prints, or patterns are a great way to bring color into your home.  They can be used to create vibrancy,  calmness or even as conversation pieces.  Make use  of furniture, rugs, curtains or blinds and other accessories to achieve the mood you seek.

Whether all you want is to immerse your senses, and be surrounded by flowers

Or just have a touch of them... go ahead and indulge yourself.

Want a touch of the exotic in your home?  An ability to revel in aspects of a culture that you attracted to?  How?  By investing in furnishings and color that depict this element be it African, American,  Asian,  Australian or European.

African inspired:
Furniture (dark wood) & leather, wall art, picture frames 

Asian inspired wall covering from rice paper

Set a trend  - YOUR STYLE, YOUR HOME, YOUR WAY.  Be sure to share any pics and where you got your inspiration from.  Thanks!  

Color your world - Indoors {I}

Posted on March 26, 2012 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (2)
Color has an amazing ability to transform a space by:
- adding character
- tying together elements of a room for more cohesion, or
creating a mood {soothing, productive, vibrant etc.}

So this spring, why not kick-start your transition from winter by injecting some color into your home and surroundings?  How you ask? By doing so one room at a time!  

If you do not have the time, or budget for a large scale paint job, consider painting  either the interior/exterior of your cabinets(as shown in the pictures below) for a refreshing take on your space.


Tiling and grouting not your cup of tea?  How about paneling  walls for that particular dose of old world charm - no?  Not that either?  Yet you still want "that look", "that vibe",  or to have your kitchen feeling like it's been remodeled, right?  Well whatever your inspiration, let your inner style shine, and get acquainted with Wallpaper.   

For a pinch here(as cabinet door insert) 

A dab there(in the background)
Or a dose everywhere

 Explore all the design possibilities that this technique has to offer, and find what resonates with you.

Accessorize, accessorize,   accessorize for quick, easy and instant gratification.   Have fun while picking out the colors, patterns or textures that will help transform your kitchen into the space you'd like it to be.

- Use colorful kitchenware 

- Add a vase of flowers, or a bowl of fresh fruit, or an herb garden,  or whatever catches your fancy for that extra burst of color.


(Photos: Better Homes & Garden) 

In what ways have you  added color to your kitchen?  Please share your stories.